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Please excuse the railway pictures as I have used these methods for model railway as well. Some more suitable pictures will be coming soon.

Method 1 - Papier-mâché.

Below is a picture of a ballast mound produced using this method:

Evaluation: This is the most simplest method as all the materials should be found around the house. This also makes it the cheapest option. the result is a durable, light structure that can take some nocks.

Materials: newspaper, PVA glue, water, a bowl, and some thick card.

Preparation: Mix in the bowl a solution of 50% PVA and 50% water and tear some or the newspaper into strips. With the card cut out the footprint shape of your hill. This will be the base.

Instructions: Using the card as a base, build up the shape of the hill with screwed up balls of newspaper, making them as compact as possible. Glue these down with PVA glue (not the PVA water mix) until you have the rough shape you want. Then take a strip of newspaper and run it through the PVA water mix (allowing it to absorb the mixture) and lay it across the screwed up newspaper. These strips will give the hill its smoothness and will dry hard.

Decoration: Once this is dry it is ready for either painting or having scatter glued on.

Additional: If you wish to make a tunnel with this method you will have to use a wooden support structure to hold up the hill. I don't believe that chicken wire would be strong enough to give the hill durability.

Method 2 - Modelling Rock (Plaster impregnated fabric)

Evaluation: This produces a more durable structure than the papier-mâché, but it is also heavier. It also does not lend itself to modification or add-ons as when the model rock goes hard that is it. With the paper method you can add more on as the paper will re-soften with water. This method also does not produce a smooth finish as good as the paper. The model-rock costs more and you will have to go out to buy it.

Materials: Model rock, chicken wire, wire cutters, bowl of water, gloves (gets messy)

Instructions: using the chicken wire produce the shape of your hill. The chicken wire is used as a frame for the model rock. use the wire cutters where needed. If this is to be a permanent structure, you can secure the wire to your board. once the chicken wire structure is complete you can now start applying the modelling rock. First cut the model rock to length, then run it through the bowl water making sure it becomes wet all over. Then lay it on the chicken wire. Repeat this making sure you over lap each piece until all the wire is covered.

Decoration: Hornby suggest that before you let it dry that you should apply the scatter to it. You can also add the scatter after it has dried, using the normal method.

Additional: If you wish to make a tunnel with this method simply leave a hole in the chicken wire either end and rap the modelling rock around the edges of the tunnel. once finished a plastic stone imitation tonal entrance can be put in place to finish the look off.



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