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 Frequently Asked Questions



What is slot car racing?

Slot car racing can be defined as any racing were the car runs along a groove in the track. Slot car sets come in many forms but only the more expensive highly detailed systems such as Scalextric are deemed as models. Anything else is simply a child's toy.

What scale is Scalextric?

Scale = 1/32

Will the digital cars and cars converted for digital use be backwards compatible to non-digital racing with no alterations?

Apparently yes.

What is Scalextric Sports Digital?

This system allows you to race up to 6 cars on one lane with the addition of a SSD power supply (C7004). Lane changes are possible at special crossover sections. You can add as many of these sections as you like. The cars that are run on this track have special chips ID chips so that the car not the track is controlled.

What Extension Cables are available for Scalextric Digital?

At present there are no extension cables suitable for Scalextric Digital.

My son was brought a New Scalextric Set, but he has some old style track which has different joints from the new style track. Is it possible to buy some track to fix the two together?

Yes, it's called a Converter Straight (C8222). You may require more than one depending on how your set up your layout.


My old style track doesn't appear to be working as well as the new style track, what can I do?

I would suggest trying a Hornby Track Rubber (R8087) to see if it removes some of the tarnish, but you may have to replace the track which is not longer serviceable.

Guides and Braids, what are they?

Here is a breakdown:
C8329 "Digital" Guide Blade And Braid

This guide blade with a round plate holds a round braid plate. The pack only contains one guide blade, with a screw to hold the blade onto the chassis and four braid plates. This guide assembly can be used for all cars that are in the current range except for the following cars: Drift, Motorbike, Challenger and all other Car prior to 2004.

Note: To ensure you choose the correct one, use the Service Sheets provided by Scalextric, Service Sheets.

'Digital Guide Blade & Screw Pack - C8329

C8420 - Round Guide Sprung Blade and Braid Plate This guide blade is similar to the one above, but instead has a spring. This allows the guide to absorb bumps and obtains better electrical continuity.

Can be used on cars fitted with C8329 as standard, as an alternative for the enthusiast.

Sprung Round Guide Blade and Braid Plate - C8420

C8330 Drift Blade And Braids This guide blade is used for cars such as Nissan 350z, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Range Rover.
Drift Guide Blade and Braid Plates - C8330  

C8145 Short Stem Guide BladesC8071 Long Stem Guide Blade

Cars produced prior to 2004 will use either the Short Stem Guide Blade C8145 or the Long Stem Guide Blade C8071.

Cars such as: Indy, Ford GT40, BMW Mini Cooper, Porsche 911 GT3R, Subaru Impreza, Nascar, Ford Mustang (1970s), Chevrolet Camaro (1970s), Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (1970s) and most F1 cars.

Left: Short Stem Guide Blades - C8145

Right: Long Stem Guide Blades - C8071


1990 and 2000
Cars manufactured between 1990 and 2000 will normally use C8071 long stem guide blades.

If in doubt, always use the service sheets provided by Scalextric, Service Sheets.

Cannot find the question you need answering? Simply contact us at:

Or Telephone: 07954 386689



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